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How to manage Stress in today's day and age.

Updated: Feb 21

Stress is a feeling where where a person can not cope with specific demands.

In today's time, everybody wants to succeed in their careers at an early stage which leads to a person overworking and stressing out about even the smallest things. Juggling between work, family, and other commitments, you can easily stress out and be busy. But every person needs to set time aside for their owns self and unwind. Not giving time for yourself can affect your mental and physical health.

Learning how to manage your stress takes a lot of time and practice, but you can and you need to do it.

1- Working Out-

Working out regularly has proven to calm your body and mind. It also helps you improve your mood immediately. Focus on setting realistic fitness goals that you don't give up on. Most importantly, Be consistent for it to work and show positive results. Some exercise is better than no exercise.

2- Relaxing your muscles-

Stress leads to tensed muscles. you can help loose muscle tension by-

* Enjoying a massage.

* Take a hot bath or Shower.

* Stretch your body.

* Get a good night's sleep

3- Meditate-

Meditation is proven to clear out your thoughts in your mind and improve your focus. It helps enhance peace, perception, self-concept and well-being. It helps you achieve a calm and peaceful mind, which for a lot of people is a wishful thinking.

4- Deep Breathing-

you'll be surprised how much better you will feel once you get good at deep breathing. Stop and take a few deep breaths and you will feel a lot of pressure off you. follow these 5 steps-

* Sit in a comfortable position

* Close your eyes

* Imagine yourself in a relaxing environment

* Take a deep breath

* Do this for 5-10 mins at a time.

5- Indulge in more hobbies-

You need to make more tie for things you love to do or enjoy doing. try to do atleast one thing everyday that makes you feel good. It doesn't have to be an hour long session, it could just be for 15-20 mins.

6- Eat well-

Eating a well-balanced diet will help you fell better in general. It also helps you get in a better mood. Eat more of those food items that give you energy.

7- Eliminate your triggers-

Figure out what your biggest cause of stress is. once you figure it out, try to eliminate it from your life, or atleast reduce it. if you can't figure out what causes you stress, try Stress Journal. Write down everytime you get anxious and see if you can determine a pattern.

Lucky charms.

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