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5 lifestyle habits that is affecting your sleep.

Updated: Feb 5

One of the most important biological function of our body is Sleep. Sleeping helps our body heal and recover from daily stress that we go through. It is recommended that a person should get atleast 8 hours of sleep, although not everybody needs the same amount of sleep to feel refreshed.

When we are young, invulnerability can lead us to disregard a good night's sleep. As we grow old, these habits can start affecting one's health and Insomnia can also be triggered.

Here are 5 Lifestyle habits that are affecting your sleep-

1.- Poor Diet:

When and What we eat affects our sleep. Having a diet without adequate fiber affects your sleep. Also, food rich in sugar and caffeine keeps you up for longer as they provide your body with the energy to keep moving. It is also advised that a person should not consume extremely heavy meal before going to sleep.

2.- Lack of physical activity:

Lack of Physical activity can affect your quality of sleep too. The level of physical activity recommended varies depending on your age. However, having sometime to work up a sweat everyday helps you improve your sleep.

3.- Over Working:

When the pandemic struck, a significant portion of the population was excited to embrace the concept of working from home. But as time has worn on, the already permeable professional boundaries have become further blurred. No meeting is too early or too late for anyone as everyone is expected to be at home, and thus be at their work’s disposal. Quality sleep being one of the biggest victims of this toxic hustle culture.

4.- Mental Stress:

It is said that anxiety and depression or other mental health issues, your brain is working overtime in order to facilitate your thoughts. Over the period of time these thoughts swarm up and eat into your quality sleep. By keeping you up at odd hours, your body isn’t able to rest properly to heal and nourish itself. Which is why it is essential to talk to a professional about your mental health stressors.

5.- Screen Time-

Sorry to break it to you, but your screen time is greatly hampering your sleep. The blue light emitted by our screens affects the melatonin production in our brains. Being on the phone during bed keeps our brain active and stimulated, keeping quality sleep at bay.

Therefore, Take care of your Sleep schedule and take care of your physical and mental health and let your body heal and recover.

Lucky Charms.

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